Red dry wine, protected appellation of origin ‘Sennoi’
Grapes: Krasnostop Zolotovsky
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 13,5%

Peculiarities of vinification. This wine is crafted from grapes of the autochthonous variety Krasnostop Zolotovsky, grown at Fanagoria’s vineyards, ‘Sennoi’, Taman Peninsula. Fermentation in pigeage vinifiers. Malolactic fermentation in steel. Aged in American oak barrels for 12 months.

Sensory characteristics. Dark ruby color. Flavour: bright notes of prunes, chocolate, eucalyptus to the accompaniment of smoky tones. The taste is juicy, structured with berry, vanilla and spicy notes. The aftertaste is long, berry-chocolate.

Food pairing: grilled beef, mutton, lamb, game dishes, seasoned cheeses.

To be served at 14 - 16 ºС.

Krasnostop Zolotovsky: facts about ancient indigenous grape variety from South Russia

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