Madame Pompadour Brut

Игристое вино
Volume 750 ml
Alcohol 10,5-12,5%

White sparkling wine brut. 

Colour of dawn. In flavour – plumy and walnut tinges. Bouquet – airy and well-balanced.


  • Gold medal of the South Russia – 2014 tasting contest
  • Silver medal AWC Vienna 2014
  • Wine Guide 2018 by Roskachestvo (‘Russian Quality’) rating - 4.16/5


Wine Guide by Roskachestvo (‘Russian Quality’) about Madame Pompadour Brut White

It is a clear wine of light straw colour with a golden hue. Good foaming and sparkling faculties. Flavour: with average intensity and clear. Taste: intensive, without alien tones. Aftertaste: clear but not long.

Maksim Vasilenko, chairman of Le Millésime Wine Club, about about Madame Pompadour Brut White

The wine has a light straw-coloured dress. The mousse is not too thick. Foaming: intensive but not very long. Flavour: quite lively, with light tones of red berries, citric fruit, and herbal nuances. Taste: rather plain but well-balanced, rounded and fresh. Summary: a good, plain and understandable sparkling wine. It will fit a broad spectrum of fish, poultry and seafood, fruit and berries. It’s an ideal choice for a hot summer day at a swimming pool or your dacha porch. Recommended for purchase. 86/100.

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