Fanagoria Estate Winery has released new Pet Nat wines

Fanagoria Estate Winery has expanded The Lines line with sparkling wines Pet Nat Extra Brut Sibirkovy and Pet Nat Extra Brut Tsimlanky Black. Petillant Naturel, or Pet Nat, means “natural sparkling” in French. These aromatic and saturated wines are created for advanced connoisseurs.

These wines are crafted from Fanagoria-grown grapes of the autochthonous Don varieties Sibirkovy and Tsimlansky Black, and they demonstrate high level of young terroir Fanagoria wines created using state-of-the-art equipment. Each wine reflects the Taman terroir: its volcanic soils, hot summers, strong winds and also the skill of Fanagoria winegrowers and winemakers.

The wines have been crafted by Alexander Beryozov, Fanagoria Chief Sparkling Winemaker. “The method used to make these wines is called méthode ancestral, or “ancestors’/grandparents’ method,” explains Beryozov. “The first release of the two brands in 2018 consisted of 6,000 bottles; this time we are releasing 18,500 bottles. To be able to talk about the future, we should look at the reaction of the market first. According to a tentative forecast, we may reach the annual volume of 30,000 bottles.”

Presently Fanagoria is one of the few Russian wineries that have expanded their brand portfolio with Pet Nat wines. The idea to launch their production came to Alexander in 2016, when he visited Austria. It was backed in 2018, and now the new product has been released.

Commenting on a possible extension of the new product line, Alexander Beryozov said: “Pet Nat wines from indigenous grapes are quite a trend nowadays. The market understands them adequately. On the other hand, we may proceed with experiments as we see the consumers’ reaction. Our most challenging task is to bring the entire range of our terroir’s organoleptic features to the consumers in their original form.”

Pet Nat Extra Brut Sibirkovy 

Volume: 750 ml. Alcohol: 11.5-13.5%.

Sensory characteristics: Pearly straw colour. The aroma is fresh, with elegant sweet notes of white tropical fruits, lime, grapefruit and blackcurrant notes. The taste is fresh, rounded and gastronomic. with an interesting fruity aftertaste.

Pet Nat Extra Brut Tsimlansky Black 

Volume: 750 ml. Alcohol: 11.5-13.5%.

Sensory characteristics: Wine of the colour of ripe apricot pulp. The aroma is fresh, with elegant sweet notes of red berries (currants, lingonberry), white chocolate, white acacia and blooming rose hip. The taste is fresh, rounded and gastronomic, with an interesting berrylike aftertaste.

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