Fanagoria presented Vladimir Putin with the top grade Saperavi 2016

During the workshop on the development of the agro-industry and rural areas of the Russian Federation with the participation of Vladimir Putin, the Director General of Fanagoria winery Petr Romanishin got the opportunity to ask the President several questions, that are important for the wine industry, and presented him with a bottle of top grade Fanagoria wine Saperavi 2016 from its own vineyard in the village of Sennoy. President Putin promised to taste wine while celebrating New Year.

Petr Romanishin gave the President feedback on the work of lending programs for agricultural enterprises, said that the annual production of the winery is 27 million bottles, mentioned the average annual tax payments of the company in the amount of 1 billion 200 million rubles. Petr Romanishin also reported on current problems. Those are high customs duties for Russian wines in foreign markets, particularly Chinese, and insufficient use of land suitable for winemaking.

In conclusion, Petr Romanishin said: “Our country will have a lot of victories in the current century, and it will be fair if we celebrate our victories with Russian wine made of Russian grapes!” These words were supported by the President.

Information sheet

To date four Fanagoria-branded wine shops work in China as showrooms, combining the capabilities of wholesale and retail trade. Collections “Signature Wines”, “Cru Lermont” and almost the entire range of products of the Russian winery are presented in these wine stores.

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